Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cuz it makes me happy

Along Swanton Street, beside the City Hall, a giant chess game was going on between a punk and another guy. The board of the game was the floor and the pieces were half a meter tall.

E and i sat to watch... I wanted to play too, just to have something to blog about =)

And i did. People gathered around to watch... paiseh, malu, i'm no great player. My heart was beating so fast. But it was fun. And yeah, i lost.

Stuck around to watch another game and then i camwhored =)

That happened late April. The pieces are actually very light. Wanna go there again!

Late April was eventful. Crazy housemates and i flew a kite one winding Monday afternoon.

Housemates went to Toys R Us and bought a kite. A $19.90 kite!! Shit... can buy 6 kites from Batu Feringghi (however its spelled) in Penang.

Of course, we never fail to camwhore:

Look at our eyes... i'm looking at the camera. HS and CT are looking up but in different directions! Hahaha, makes you wonder is there really a kite in the sky??? If so, is it to the left or to the right? Definitely just posing! Hahaha

Camwhore until the kite went down!

Its ok, we'll do a sad picture.

We got the kite up in the sky again soon...

Really high. That's little ol' me. Home's on the left, just a few houses away. Thats the country side i have to walk through to get to class. Will miss this path some day

Monash is behind the trees. Can you see the railway crossing? This damn train made me late for many classes.

Once i looked in the wrong direction and nearly committed suicide!

Err... if the train comes from the left, it takes ages to reach the crossing, so its possible to run across... but if it comes from the right, it goes by really quickly.

Housemates and i also had a formal dinner at home. Look at the fooooooood! CT 's a gourmet chef!
Salmon main course! Killer good. And why are wedges also called banditos? We also had the alfalfa sprouts thingie for starters.

And camwhored for dessert!

You'll never get to do this in fine dining restaurants!

Last but not least:

The Burns Street girls. Haha, its common for us in Monash University Peninsula to refer to groups of people by the street they live on.

Another example would be the Malaysians on McMahons Street or the Singaporeans on McMahons Street. Its really funny that one house is full of Malaysians, the other has 5 Singaporeans and that they are neighbours! HAHAHAHA. All getting along very well.


soo imm said...

hey girl!
it looks like so much fun!
i wanna go play jumbo chess and fly kite too :(
it's difficult to find a padang here that's safe enough to fly kite. i'll either fall into some hidden hole or have to climb trees to retrieve my kite. mana fun? *sad*
and the food...*drools*

hehe u take care there!

sue lin said...

Hey Soo Imm!
It was fun, but all of it simple almost-free fun. Not much clubbing not shopping 4 me-can't afford it!

In Msia, even if u find a good padang, there'd be no wind!

U take care too! =)

supplementals said...


damn im hungry now.

yea i agree. trains are evil. ALWAYS makes me late for class too.

kites are fun, so is chess haha :D

oh and ur title reminded me of that "want you to know" song.. cant get it outa my head now.

just realised i commented backwards haha

meL.a.Nie said...

i've juz realised dat hui shan looks a bit like soo imm.i dunno whether my eyes seeing sth wrong or d other way round.
oh,hui shan,if u're reading this,HI!hehehe..;P

Jocelyn said...

I love the final pic. :D U girls look sooo pweety!

Heheh...see, u r having fun, too! :D Yay!

Btw, u gotta cross a railway track everyday?? Careful, yeah

sue lin said...

Supplementals, hahaha, redeye SO? (And errr... u talking abt the camera and our eyes and not some sorta steak right?) Haha.

Go get ur nasi lemak lar... THAT would make me DIE.

What song is that??? By who? i needa dl more songs. So sick of the ones i have now. And we never listen to the radio in Aust.

Reverse chronology eh? =)

Mel, errr... i dun think they look alike. Do they? Shall ask Mas.

Joey, hahha, thanks! We were dressing up maaaa. Heheh

Yup, was fun, wish there was more of it... that's over a month ago d.

Yeah cross it everyday. And a highway too. But there is a crossing with traffic lights. Yup, one scary incident is enough, always careful now

jAmEs said...

The food looks yummy too when i brwse through this webby this early morning.... you really a good cook?

sue lin said...

Heyyyy Jaames. Ermm... if u are talking about this post- nope i didnt cook the food here.

Sue Lin said...

Shit... thats one year ago! SO many of these things are reaching their one year mark!

I miss them, i miss my little house, I miss it all!