Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Welcoming 2008

Work did not stop me from having the standard New Years Eve. Smiles! When it was not busy on the eve, both managers decided to close early and this blogger got her way!

Best shot i've got. Of the fireworks that lighted up the sky in Federation Square in the heart of Melbourne. From the 25th fifth floor of a condo in Southbank.

My cousin's place ROCKS! Aircond was set at a cool 23degrees while it was 41degrees outside as forecasted.

Wonder how hot it must have been to be down there...


From E and i!

Just the two of us. Without our Moscato! Left it in the car. My aunt's car. Which was parked 2 tram stops away.

New years in Melbourne is so much better cuz if i had to leave work at 8.30pm in KL and travel 40km to see the fireworks, i'll never be able to make it!

But in Melb! I left work at 8.30pm, went home, took a quick shower, we drove halfway to the city, realized we forgot my cousin's keys, turned back to Frankston, grabbed the key and started driving to the city again at 10pm.

Got to the city and realized that its members only at Crown, where we normally park! Drove around in circles for only, like, only one circle before we found a parking spot! Where can like that in KL? U die stuck in traffic la in KL!

Got onto a tram at 11.12pm (it was punctual! and it was free for 31st Dec!), walked to the condo from the tram stop, with 15 minutes or so to spare before midnight! =)

Magical eh?
Even their road block on a four lane highway (breath test conducted) was efficient and quick. Will Malaysia ever be like that?


She's Jess said...

Good to hear that you had fun :)

Happy New Year anyway

Debz said...

Told you it was gonna be alright!! Heheh! Glad that you had loads of fun and you managed to get a good look at the fireworks!!

I was amongst the thousands that thronged Flinders and Federation Square at the stroke of midnight! Ray, Brian, Eugene and I did it!! Thank god we didnt get squashed!! Right smack in the middle at the corner of Flinders and Federation!! Right in front of the big yellow Flinders clock! We walked smack in the middle of Swanston St as if we owned it! Hahah!! Now that isnt something you'll be able to do in KL!!! Hahaha!! Plus the jam!! Hahaha! Man was it awesome!! Had loads of fun!!

Valdez Lisa said...

hahaha...exactly. It WILL NEVER be so efficient in KL. Dream on if you wanted to find a parking spot in just driving few circles. At least 1 hour waiting time. lol...I went to Damansara to celebrate, it was also jammed like hell. We illegally parked our car. Don't care!!! since everyone was doing
Happy new year 2008!!!

Sue Lin said...

Happy new year to u too Jess. Hope u had fun 2!

Debz hahah, u arrr, ur new years eve is better than mine right? Until u needed to call me at 4am!? =)

In KL its also something like that, the roads will be closed in Bukit Bintang, and i've walked smack in the middle of the road near the McDonalds near our school

V Lisa! Hahah, in Msia not so scared to park illegally, here DAMN scared. No wait, actually in Msia also i dun dare park illegally... Happy New Year to u too!

BabY KaT said...

happyy new yearrrr :) may you had an awesome 2008 ...

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Kat!! =) U too!

meL.a.Nie said...

so fun!!!at least melb isn't dat bad.

KL..tak payah cakapla.those kiasu mats dunno do wat to conquer da roads of KL

sakurablossom said...

Happy New years!!!

Sue Lin said...

Hahaha, ya la, KL is just so full of congestion! Happy New Year Melanie

Happy New Year to u too Sakurablossom!