Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wedding Bells

Still hasn't quite sunk in yet!

What sounded like one of my closest friend teasing and joking was not what it seemed!

She normally asks over the phone "So when getting married?"

And i'd usually say "Not so soon la, what about u?"
expecting her automatic reply of "10 years later lah"

This time she paused instead...

and then she said "If all goes well, maybe at the end of the year"

I didn't believe her at first but i knew she wasn't talking cock from her tone when she said she's serious.

Oh my god... my FIRST friend's wedding! Hahah, so excited! She'll only be 22 and in my circle no one else is remotely close to getting married.

I was grinning from ear to ear for quite a while after we hung up!


She's Jess said...

sue, mine will be end of this yr. that makes me 21 only :p


MaS said...

huh ? ? you are getting married as well jess ? ?

Sue Lin said...

Oh! I thought u were joking too Jess! Hahahah... man! Damn, that mean I have to start believing friends when they say that now!

So its either u or her that'll be my first friend's wedding. I really hope both of u will get married around the same time so i'll only need to get ONE return ticket. Hate to not be there! (If i'm invited to urs la =)

Other than u and her, i don't have any other friends who have older boyfriends who've been together for over a year...........
i wonder who will surprise me next....

She's Jess said...

Elwyn & Sue, I was just joking.


Anyway, I will not invite you Sue. probably will ask you to be the bridesmaid. So tat makes yr attendance a compulsory one

Sue Lin said...

Now u are DEFNITELY joking!