Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Hazardous: Sue Lin's gonna be driving on Melbourne roads today!



supplementals said...

omg.. what car? nono..whos car?? :p

Jacqueline said...

when was the last time u drive? LOL!!! Still rmb where's the brake?

meL.a.Nie said...

wat kind of car r u driving gal?

Sue Lin said...

Supplementals, Aunt's car. She's back in Malaysia. SUPER good, SUPER huge! With sunroof also! Love it! But love my Kancil no less.

Jac... almost 10 months ago wei since i last drove my Kancil to Leisure Mall to buy a few last min stuff the day i was going to fly!

AND I TOTALLY FORGOT TO PULL DOWN THE HANDBRAKE WEIII... but my aunt didn't even USE the handbrake, so i could just drive out of her garage... i only realized later... when it was just so automatic for me to pull up the handbrake once i've parked... i searched for the handbrake and there wasn't one! HHAHAAH... turns out the handbrake is a footbrake!

Mel black Honda Odyssey =)