Thursday, December 27, 2007

There came a day where i hated my job

That day is today (26/12/2007).

My anguish in detail click here


She's Jess said...

Look at the bright side. The day has yet to come.

Who knows by then, there is someone who is willing to exchange with you? :)

Cheer up a bit. We all make mistakes and learn fr them

Sue Lin said...

The only one i've spoken to who was willing to exchange with me can't cuz she has never done a closing shift before =(((

I'll live through it la. E was sweet, he said he'd come by to help me carry the chairs again and if we dont make it in time to the city for the fireworks, and he suggested we spend the eve by the beach.

Another fren of mine also so sweet, she wanted to give up the fireworks to come spend new years eve with me in Frankston

I really appreciate them! =)

And i really appreciate u taking the time to read my super long wordy whiney post Jess =) Thanks