Monday, July 30, 2007


Melbourne in early autumn. On my birthday to be exact:

There are a lot of these voicing of opinions going on in the city. Something to do with the prime minister and war. Took their handouts but read none of it.

In Hungry Jacks, E's favourite fast food joint in the city, i watched the pigeons pick at fallen fries. I noticed that many of the pigeons are cacated (handicapped). This one's the worse

Only has one leg with a missing toe. Must have been because of the city trams. But the poor thing manages with life just fine.

I pretty much missed the beauty of autumn because of assignments and exams. This tree is a lil late. Taken early winter.

Autumn's beauty. Clayton people, do u recognize this place?

We had a little internship reunion during the holidays too. Four of us non-audit vacation trainees and a couple of friends in Melbourne's memorial shrine or whatever its called:

I always thought of Australia's winter to be ugly until i managed to capture some pretty shots:

Taken from the window at breakfast in Mt Buller.

Next one is somewhere along Swanston Street:

Dead trees can be so beautiful eh? I heard those carriages cost $50 a ride. Damn. If it was $20 i'd pay for its novelty.


Joey said...

Nice pics as usual, esp the last one. :)

And yeah! It's the same over here. Students are very vocal about their views and opinions. They always have all sorts of talks, petitions, protests etc of a variety of causes (fr abortion to the war in Iraq). Don't remember seeing many back in Sunway or HELP. Or maybe I just wasn't active...haha. So, did you actively participate in any sort of protest, yet?

+ : A d a M : + said...

only 50 bucks? i thought its more. is it for one person? if its for whole carriage then itll be worth it to share with friends wut

sue lin said...

Joey, hey, thanks! =)

Hehe. No never participate. The one in my picture is non a uni thing, the picture was taken in the city, i guess anyone could join in, they are looking for supporters. I was just looking at them...

Adam, good question, i have no idea. Will go ask one day... do u think they all charge the same rate or do u think they are competing? Somehow reminds me of the trishaws in Melacca... hahah!

supplementals said...

man.. love the pics here :)

sue lin said...

Supplementals what a short and sweet comment!!! =D =D