Monday, December 10, 2007

Visit Malaysia 2007

When the Ang Moh cashier taught me how to wash the toilets in the restaurant, she was like "Gross gross!" And i was like, WAIT till u see Malaysian toilets!

When the manager told me to grab the dustpan, the broom, the Mr Degreaser spray and follow her to the toilet, i was like SHiT, what kinda mess do i have to deal with? It turned out to be just TWO pieces of paper on the toilet floor!

She then complained smelly, i was like, WHAT smell? Hello, thats nothing like the toilets in my beloved beloved Malaysia!!!

Can u guess where i'm working at by my uniform and my chilli name tag?

I'm happy.

And check out my new boyfriend!

Isn't he cute?! =P E 's new hairstyle. HOTSHORT. SuperSHORT hair!

Whats up with hot and me? I dunno!

Its summer in Melbourne but on certain days u really get cool weather n Christmas feeling! Thats Melbourne weather!

Pontianak me and funny face E.

Aww look...

Santa mail!

Gonna be my first Christmas in a western country. And yeahhhh I've got a thang for those horse carriages, they MUST appear in my Melbourne CITY pictures.


Sue Lin said...

Very pissing off everytime i see no new comments.

Never mind, i'll comment. Got loads to say. Manager M is really nice. Yesterday's closing shift. He gave another girl and i a lift home cuz we did closing shift. We had to wait for him and the other guy to do some stuff, which took quite a while. S and i folded napkins and i refilled the drinks while waiting. Of course i grabbed a chair n sat while doing the cutlery. Normally gotta stand yeah?

Manager M said "u girls get a drink". Awwwwww soooo nice! HAHAH, i have been deprived of bottled drinks okay?? Those stuff are too expensive and i have always limited my purchases of drinks here in general. On the rare occasion i do buy drinks i buy vanilla coke or sunkist cuz am so addicted to those and those alone.

I recently found that Nestea Greentea Mango is popular with the customers. Grabbed one of those when manager M gave me the greenlight. DELICIOUS!

Messed up ONE order today. So they had to redo it. Manager M told me nicely tht i messed up. And after clearing up and the restaurant is quiet, he told me to eat the wrong order. Even told me to help myself with some fries. Yay free food! Yummy! I microwaved it. N the fries were got and goddamned good! And free! Hehe

An old couple came in and ordered. Wife paid me wrongly... less $1.05, i noticed the 5cents and asked her for it. Then i realized she missed out one dollar. Didn't have the heart to ask her for it. Just gave her a $1 discount with the intention of paying for it on my own.

When i calculated my cash at the end of my shift, i was exactly a dollar short... remembered the couple and went to my wallet and took out a dollar, but manager M insisted i didn't have to pay back!

Since my shift ended and it wasnt busy, i wanted to learn how to work the coffee machine (better future cafe prospects). I said i wanted to buy a cappuccino and make it myself. Manager M didnt charge me and told me to make him one as well! HAHAHAH.

After shift, i was kinda hyper so went to the gym...

The other employees are really nice too. Usually the whites, in uni or in the gym, do not talk to me unless i talk to them. Honestly speaking. Even my classmates. They are only nice when its their job eg. cashier at Coles, gym staff, and of course when u talk to them they never fail to reply politely. But if u dun talk to them, they don't bother talking to u. I eventually got tired of making the first move to befriend them

But at work, they actually introduce themselves to me! Really nice and helpful too! ALL of them! And everyday, except today, one of them would ask me "how old are you". Most of them are only seventeen!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, u know ALL the other cashiers that i've met are whites. I am, so far, the ONLY Asian cashier there! The managers are all Asian and the back of house (da ppl who cook n wash) consist of mostly Asians.

Most of the customers are white too, cuz Frankston residents are mostly white anyways.

So, i cant help but feel honoured to be a cashier weyyyyyyyy. They can understand me! I can serve! WOW! Sorry, i am just SO flattered!! So happy that my English is okay enough for me to land the cashier position! =)))))))

She's Jess said...

You seem to have so much fun working there :)

Jacqueline said...

Wowww!!! there's a blog in the blogg... lol!!! Ur comment is so long!! U have a nice manager!

ehh! ur not coming back to check out our toilets?

meL.a.Nie said...

FINALLY!!El has gotten himself a haircut..

yes yes Sue,dun make ppl jealous wif ur now so hot bf!!

and dat's 1 heck of a long stretch of a blog in a blog..good to hear dat da whites aren't so bad.

Sue Lin said...

Hey Jess! Yeah, having loads of fun there. But i'm not sure how much i'm etting paid! From what i hear from the other staff, its super low for Aussie standards! =( But its ok la, everything else there has been good. Close to home, easy to get to work, and it opens till 9pm or 10pm which means more shifts available, plus managers will send us home...

Hey Jac, hahaha, yeah i just had too much to write and i didn't wanna bore everyone, so i wrote a post in a comment =P

Coming back coming back of cuz, end of Jan, early Feb i'll b there! Is it better??

Melanie i didn't want him to cut at first.. but now i LOVE his short hair. But he looks sooo sooo young la.

meL.a.Nie said...

dat means he DOES look old with dat awfully long hair..good thing he looks so much more fresher.

btw,congrats on ur upcoming graduation & i guess i'll not be able to meet up wif u since u're alredi going back by da time i'm in perth.

remind me to prepare a virtual bouquet of flowers for u yea~!X)

shannie said...

OMG ELWYN FINALLY CUT HIS HAIR! yeay! so nice okay! i wasn't wrong to ask him to cut eh? ;) and i miss you, housemate =(

Sue Lin said...


Shannie!!!!! =) Heyyyy glad to hear from u! Missed ya too!

Hahaha, yeah! He told me u were the 1st person to reply to his msn nick whether to potong or not!