Friday, December 14, 2007

Enchanted Maze Gardens and Strawberry Park

Half my family is here!

E joined us

Great pic! Wish i could be in it!

My sis really opened up to E! They get along great and i'm proud!

Look at the smile on her face! =)

Look at my smile! =)

Got work tomorrow, goodnight!

Oh wait. Remember this? Well, its been finalized!!!!!

Tak puas with a credit for my tax law paper. Emailed lecturer, then saw him in person. HE SAID IT WAS A TYPO ERROR!!!! He informed Monash...

Now its final. There it is. Distinction for taxation law and practices! Finally a BINGO, a strike! 3 Distinctions for my final semester! Beaming SUPERSMILE.

Everything's been going well lately =)


Anonymous said...

Well done those marks r supa!!
Seems like they haf diff grades in melb then around aussie..

Damn wish i was @ monash,
@ UWA:
50-64 P
65-74 C
75-84 D .. onli .. too hard to get HD 85+

Nevertheless many congrats to u n ur hard work!!!

Joey said...

Whoa...congratz on the good results! Good thing you insisted on checking it! Good job!

Awww...ur sis does look happy! And is that your Mum? So sporting? My Mum would never pose funnily for pictures. Haha

Jacqueline said...

Congrats!!!! Good job Sue Lin... So whats your upcoming plans?

Serene said...

hey sue lin....
congrats on your results..
coming malaysia soon???
let's meet up if you are..haven't seen you in a while..

sooching said...

omg..i think i wanna go hit my head against the wall now..
i should've go email my tax law lecturer also..
ah..bodohnya me..

Sue Lin said...

Hey Anonymous, yikes if 65 and above is credit... i would have so many of those. And i'd have exactly ZERO HDs!

And thanks =)

Thanks Joey! I've been checking my papers whenever i can since 1st sem 2nd year =P

Yeah, she's happy to be here. To me the past ten months seem like 10days. But to her, she waited SO long for this trip. HHAHA, my mom... yeah many ppl say she's sporting

Jac thanks!!! =) Er... i haven't told u my plans on msn? Been telling a lot of people cant remember who i've told n who i haven't told. Not comfortable blogging it so all i wud say here n now is tht i'll be back in Msia by Feb 08

Serene hey! Thanks =) I'm sure u did better though! I'll be back by Feb, give me a call on my Msian number, i'm still using the same one!

Sooching hey! Yup, u shud have! These things cud happen and i am proof of it! Hehe

She's Jess said...

Hey Sue Lin! Congrats & post more pics of yr convo ya? :)

Jonathan said...

Hey sue lin...i heard your mom's in for your graduation

I is so jealous
Anyhow, im happy that studies is still one of my main agenda..loving studies now...not rubbing salt into wound :)

Anyhow, i've been really bored, so my friend and I came out with a new blog...

We are bored university students :(

Sue Lin said...

Heyyy Jess, thanks! =) Yeah pix later on, damn busy with my family here!

Heyyy Jon, yuppp my mom's here, whole family is here now! U dun hv to b jealous for long, it'll b ur turn really soon! =) I can still remember going for my friend's grad ceremony in Sep. Time really flies wannn!

Will check out the blog around Christmas or after it, damn busy right now! See ya!

meL.a.Nie said...

congrats congrats gal..finally,u can chuck away those nerdy textbooks & scream hallelujah!!!

u n ur look-alike!!too bad i dun look like any of my,i wish my mum is as sporting as urs.

i simply cannot wait for next year of uni & i'm done for good!!

supplementals said...

woooo, so many smiles! :D contagious weh :D Grats on the many D's and best wishes for the future D's to come :D 'D' for dollar! :D rock* :D

Zhen said...

Haha, you used to gasp at my results, now it's my turn to congratulate you! This sem I didn't do as well as I did in previous sems...

Sue Lin said...

Melanie hey! Hahah, some ppl say my sis doesnt look like me at all. Everyone sees differently

Supplementals hey! Nice comment, thanks! Just too bad i'm too exhausted from work n the improper sleep on the train last night to feel happy now...

Zhen, thanks... it was my last chance to do well =) U still have half ur degree to gather those Ds n HDs

Marcus said...

For once I thought Elwyn was a little boy from Australia. A closer look spells his naughtiness.

Congratulations! Now you are a graduate. Keep working hard and smart. =)