Tuesday, December 04, 2007

God Them Tired

Notice the error in my title?

E read it before i deleted it and laughed at me like shit...

Decided to put it back up cuz that shows HOW tired i am

Done with my first day at work. Screwed up and messed up a bit but looks like i'm forgiven. Work's not bad at all. Time flies and i don't think i yawned at all.

Oh and free lunch!!!! Smiles! Hehhe, dunno if its just for today or a regular thingie

So dead tired... Looked like shit as i walked home eating my fries and wrap. U know how shit is always surrounded by flies? That would be me as i walked home. The flies here in Aust are STUPID, they rather rest on my face than on my food...

Gonna sleep now


Sue Lin said...

To prevent this from becoming a SUPER long post, i shall continue blogging here. Hehe. I tend to like rambling on and on about my new jobs

I dreamt of bbq chicken, lots of in my nap... hahha. so work related. Slept so long that i couldnt make it to the gym. I'll put my gym membership on hold for the whole of december. SSuper busy and besides,m i dun think i can used to work enough to be able to work AND go to the gym

By the way the $40 shoes rock! Damn good. Feet dun ache really. RM120 weiiii, thats like the total amount i spent on, like 4+ pairs of shoes for my internship last year???

I'll ramble on more later

Sue Lin said...

2nd shift ain't bad at all. I remembered to ask "eat in" or "take away" more times and only forgot a few times when there was too many customers and i panicked. Met more of the other staff today. Gotta go write their names down n picture their faces as best as i can just so i don't forget.

Oh and i had to cut my long long finger nails! Cuz it was hard to press buttons on the cash register. =(( Oh well...

One of the other cashiers said that i'm doing well =)))) And she is doing the same degree as me, just different year and major. She recognized me.

The fridge is HUGE. Walk in fridge. After clearing the outside tables, the tables in the sun... i would go restock the drinks... by doing so i get to go into the HUGE fridge n cool down! Its so damn hot today as i blog, i mean comment, i feel like going in that fridge now!

Restaurants hv standards and the fries has gotta be thrown out if its too cold. I told them i'll take it as i was leaving soon. Free slightly cold fries for me! No problemo cuz i was DAMN FREAKING HUNGRY and its free yo! Finised by the time i reached home.