Monday, December 24, 2007

Almost wore the wrong shirt to work today!

My uniform is black with bold white words on the front that says "Chicks Rule"

I have a t-shirt i bought from Sexpo that says

"I have the pussy so i make the rules".

Also black and the words are white!!!!

WHOOOPSSSSS. Thank goodness i realized

The moon was a little crescent when my mom n sis got here. I noticed cuz i drove them back from the airport that night. My whole family went home yesterday

The moon's full and bright tonight. Damn fast the past 2 weeks.

E and i are gonna watch Simpsons and drink some Mascato now =P Merry Christmas!


She's Jess said...

Christmas greetings to you! :)

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Jess! =)

My Christmas was fine, i'll just blog here la.

DIdnt feel like christmas at all but that was ok. Stayed at home and calculated my spendings and a few other stuff. Then left the house after 7.30 for the city. To spend a night in my cousin's Southbank condo. She went back to Msia for the festive season and allowed me to use her place.

E drove us there in my Aunt's car. Originally planned to eat in Chilli Paddi but it was closed when we drove by.

So we ate in Crown Casino's food court (we also used Crown's parking as our parking for the night =) It was the first time i ever saw Crown become a family place!!! SO many families there eating at the food court. I guess its the only place opened on Christmas Day

Went to my cousin's place after that and watched Gossip Girl's latest episode. Christmas episode. =)

Went to sleep early for boxing day sale the next day

Simple and nice day.