Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dreams in My Head

Don't wanna take a tour to Great Ocean Road. I wanna DRIVE along that coast. Or be driven in the passenger seat.

Got that idea from Cleo-March

Either that or i want to
go there for SKY-DIVING with bestfriend.

Got that idea from her friend's 21st birthday activities

CYCLE from Paris to Rome one day, maybe when i'm 25. That would give me and E plenty of time to train. Yes, i'm dragging him with me. Anyone interested in joining us? Hoping to get another couple to join us.

Got that idea from Cleo-May

Will all these become reality? Don't know, hope so. Will hafta get back to ya in a future date.

My employment law paper is in 36 hours...

Wanna go swimming after all my papers...


SaSsy GurL said...

Woah! An in the future entry? Ay..are we at JULY the 6th (friday) already?????? dun frighten me lar. I've not memory of how the exams was..and u're telling me the new sem is about to start?!?! 0.O

sue lin said...

hehehee, sorry. Supposed to be 7th june... BLUR when i changed the date from 6 june to 7 june.

6-6... i changed the wrong 6.

oops. Changed back d

typlotion said...

nvm la, u can have some great and excited journey now too!

Try take train from Frankston to Geelong WITHOUT ticket. Sure fun and excited.

I'll be waiting for you two at another end of the station. Cheers

Got the idea from Cleo-December

sue lin said...

What u doing in Geelong? Tokking shit there ar? AHAHAHHA


pinkitmey said...

I love how adventurous you are girl! I would absolutely love to cycle from Paris to Rome!!! :p But whether my stamina can make it is another story ....... *sweat*

sue lin said...

Heyyy Kit Meyyy,
Thats one reason why i said i'll do it when i turn 25.
So i can start my cycling training when i'm 23... that gives me two years to build up my stamina...
and two years to procrastinate before i start training =) Hehe
Its gonna be a long term plan. Gotta save up too