Monday, November 19, 2007

Sexpo 2007

Trust E to know about these things. Trust ME to bring u a post like this! =)

Paid $25 to enter, worth every cent, the things on exhibit... weird/interesting!!

The first thing we saw:

A girl doing circus acts. In a thong and a see through lace top.

To our right,

a booth selling Happy Horny Herbs!

My bestfriend would LOVE this:

Whack a dick! AHAHAHA, good break up therapy for girls?

Something like a haunted house...

Not really worth it.

And there was a peep show. $2 for 2 minutes where one girl... performs. The place also doubles as the "staff room" where u can see the other strippers/porn stars take their break/change/etc.

Next weird thing i first heard about in C's blog...

The guy paints using his penis. Its called penial art

Dipping his 'paintbrush' into paint!

He calls himself Pricasso. And thats his final picture of the lady. He had a sign up that says "photos ok by donation", i donated $3 to watch and take photos.

E and i camwhoring while waiting to watch Ms Nude Australia or whatever her title is perform. He bought me those horns! And we got free heart shaped lollies for participating in a survey.

See me hugging something in that photo?? Its a pillow... a naughty pillow...

Sooo cute!!

I love my Dick! How about you? HAHAHAHA.

Reminds me of this blog, Love the phrase "Mine's ok, how's yours?". Laughed like SHIT.

Take a look at the tag that came with it!!!

Sooo sooo damn CUTE! Another girl was buying a pink one while i was getting MINE! =P

E bought him for me as punishment. A lady passed me this leaflet...

Its an add for financing breast enlargement surgery.

said to me "She saw yours so small so she gave that to you".

!!!!!!!!!!I was like, FINE! Now u must buy me the pillow.

And he did.

Also bought me a rose... which is also a thong! HAHA, but i'm keeping it as a rose, as a memento of this cool crazy date!

Ohhhhh, and check out this upcoming New Year's eve party invite below!

The invite itself is entertaining, read it!


She's Jess said...

I heard this a lot... I wanna go there too :p

Sammy said...


Jacqueline said...


Hey! Dont forget ur wallpaper tag!

Sue Lin said...

Hey Jess, ask Elwyn for their website and if u ever plan a trip to Aust, head to the city that's having their Sexpo. I know Adelaide's was before Melbourne. U should go, its really interesting! =P

Sam, yeah. HAHAHAHA! Its MY Dick. HEHEHEHE

Jac =P and yeah i forgot the wallpaper tag! Dunno whether to use the old wallpaper or the new one

typlotion said...

oh yeah babeh. Can compare with my dick in my friendster.

supplementals said...

No pics of the girls? :(

soo imm said...

haha omg!!
so cool~!
wish they had things like this in malaysia :(
and the pillow~!!
i can't imagine hugging something like tat lol *blush*

Sue Lin said...

Typlotion, why urs is cuter ar?? HAHAHAH

Supplementals, nahhhhh why would i wanna bother with that?? =P Sorry!!!

Soo Imm, yeah! Why can't Malaysia be cooler?? Nice right my Dick pillow??? Hehe. Its damn SOFT n nice to hug ok?? Elwyn dun dare to hug it, he just carry the plastic bag handles! HAHA

typlotion said...

yeah babeh ,longer and cuter. check it out in friendster

Joey said...

I enjoyed reading that! Er...I know that sounded kinda wrong, but you get wat I meant...hehe. It's really eye-opening.

And omg! You've got a dick!!!! MUAHAHAHA...

Sue Lin said...

Typlotion, Mine is 2 feet long and STILL so cute ok!?? HAhaha. Anyways, yours is for Sheau Ruh to see, not me! Haha

Joey, no no any compliments directed at me shall not be deemed wrong! =P

And yup, get what ya mean! Glad ya liked it =))) There was also REALLY innovative vibrators, should have taken pix of those too. And the Fleshlight as well...

And yes! I'VE GOT A DICK. Hahahah

supplementals said...

so u can look back 20 years from now and compare how much 'sexy' has changed of course. And also for your bloggers to check out la...

Marcus said...

500 WATTS OF GANG BANG! That slong looks good to be eaten. Hehe.

Sue Lin said...

Supplementals HAHAHA, i should only read the last sentence right???


Valdez Lisa said...

Wah...too bad I cannot go. I will come after that event :( We can't see all these in Malaysia la. hahaha..

Sue Lin said...

Ya lorrrr, very interesting!

Jazzy*Pam said...

Penial Art! Lols, how interesting!

Sue Lin said...

LOL! I knew i had to see it after reading my friend's blog! =P