Saturday, December 08, 2007

Laptop Theft Warning

Spotted a lady tearing off the identification number of a Dell laptop on the Frankston train from Melbourne Central.

She couldn't log into the Novell system. She was smsing with her left hand and pressing keys such as Enter with her right hand. All to no avail

She put the laptop back into a laptop bag... and pulled out another one. This one didn't have the torn identification number above its screen. Again she couldn't get pass the screen that prompts users to log in.

She receives a phone call. Then she asked another passenger something. Can't understand her accent. She then asked E whether there are any trains back to the city and she got off at Toorak train station.

We found that really suspicious and went to the police station to give a description of what we saw. E even took a photo of her. The police on duty asked E to keep the photograph for a few weeks.

Our report would ONLY come in handy if someone makes a report. So if your laptop ever gets stolen, you SHOULD make a report! The police wouldn't act unless you make report.

Also, don't EVER say that leaving ur laptop alone for 2 minutes is okay, they don't even need 2 minutes, trust me. E lost his laptop that way, and so did my family.

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Marcus said...

The quickest trick is plug out the AC power and start running. Approximately 3-5 seconds to do everything. This only can be achieved with proper planning and escape route all planned out properly.