Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Weird Compliments

1. Feminine Inspiration

Courtesy of F. When he told me i was his femine inspiration, i was like "WHAT?????" Hahaha.

"I'm losing touch with my feminine side, you are my only girl friend left here, i hardly see I, hardly see C; T and PL went off to Australia", he explained. Awwwwwwww, so sweet man!

Not like we talk THAT much also. But i do do the typical girl thing, i nag lar: ask him to study, ask him to apply for transfer and will ask him about flights to Aust soon. Actually, i do all that cuz it benefits me, i need to know someone who is headed for the same campus as me. That's not the point. =P

Such a sweeet the compliment! Hahaha. I didn't hear him properly the first time and asked him to repeat the phrase "feminine inspiration" so that i would remember it!


There's no phrase for this one. Study partner just said she's very angry at me but admires me at the same time. Muahahaha, i was so blur at first too.

She then explained that i keep on complaining "lazy" but in the end still i do all the things i said i'm lazy to do. She says that when she says she's lazy to do something, that's it, she won't do it!

Like that also can! Haha. But it's kinda true... The Street Party for example...

Was lazy to go for cheer practice. Not as semangat as i was last year. But glad i went in the end. Learnt hip hop instead due to the high attendance of the guy members and the absence of the female members. Even E joined in!! Hahaha. Damn hard ok? Cheer is easier.

Don't wanna do internship at the end of the year!!! But Study Partner has been bugging me! Ahhhhh, malas to even write resume! Supposed to be writing it now!

But at the end of the year, u'd hear me complaining about my intership.

I hope.


supplementals said...

u go girl! XD

sue lin said...

Hahaha, thanks!

typlotion said...


sue lin said...

Aiyoh, so bad!

Sue Lin said...

Oh my god this was so long ago! Totally forgot about the feminine inspiration thing and the hip hop!

Good that i blogged, i can always look back!

And damn i was right. In December 2006/Jan 2007 i WAS in fact doing an internship and i WAS complaining away! Hahah