Thursday, September 07, 2006


When a girl's boobs sag, can she do anything to make it un-sag? What exercise she can do or anything?

No, i don't have saggy boobs. I have boobs so small its impossible to sag. Don't tell me even small ones can sag, thats why its important to wear bras! That's probably something a lingerie shop created.

So just wondering if its better to have BIG saggy boobs or small... ones

And dun tell me its better to have firm medium sized ones, duh, its obvious just-nice-ones are the best. I just wanna... u know, er... comfort myself that small is better than big but saggy...

What do u think???


Joey said...

*checks boobs* Firm. Confirm not talking about me. Phew. :p

I watch these Taiwan programmes and some Taiwan celebs swear they massage their breasts to keep 'em firm. I think it's bollocks.

And oh, I'd rather have small boobs. Hahahaha

Bea said...

i think small is good too.. [maybe to comfort myself also] hahaha...

i have a pal that complains coz her's big, and heavy lar, sag lar..
so yah.. small's good!! haha..

do push ups' good.. small boobs will also look nicer ;) esp the chest area..

valeriest ~ 琪 said...

Small boobs are nicer, and 'easy to handle'.

Girls with big boobs have problems choosing the right shirt/blouse due to 'big up, small down'.

sue lin said...

Hahahaha, Joey! Talking about myself only la =P

Bea, haha! Very funny

I just remembered my form 3 Pendidikan Jasmani teacher saying that doing push-ups help prevent them from sagging too

Valerie, what do u mean by 'big up small down'????

typlotion said...

flash it in front E and ask him la ahueahuehuehuehuehahahahahahahahah lolx

sue lin said...

Hahahaha, Typlotion u always very crappy lar!