Saturday, September 16, 2006

Too relaxed

No assignments due today, not on Monday too.

So this week, i've been way tooooo relaxed! If i wasn't sleeping early (Monday and Wednesday night), i was online catching up on Blogs or chatting (Tuesday and Thursday night). Damn.

Zombied throughout the day. A bit hyper due to the lack of sleep. A lil stressed. But too relaxed at the same time.

Celebrated D's 20th birthday at Italianni's at the Curve. It was really simple and fun. Let me list those who were present: D, LY, SC, SX, PY, SL, YY, M, E, S, SY and housemate, SR and i.

Ow, butt hurts from leg exercise in Fitness. Arms hurt too, been only going there once a week this month. =( Teeth hurts too, just tighten them. Braces, remember? Whole body's a wreck.

Might be going for the Monash Ball after all. So last minute. Should i go? It'd be free and E won't be going. I'd be someone else's date! Hahaha. And i'd probably have to drive to the Palace of the Golden Horses, which i don't mind at all. But i've got an assignment due on Friday. And nothing to wear to the ball.

Expect maybe this orange tube dress from Eclipse... but the skirt is not long, i always go for long full length skirts when it come to balls and proms... Advice?


Jacqueline said...

Errmm.. its not necessary to wear long dress la... Short ones can be nice too!! hehe!! Btw, why ur E not going 1?

typlotion said...

half length will do

sue lin said...

Jac, haha, i said already ma, i'd be someone else's date! =P Cuz his date can't make it, so i'm ganti number 3! Hahaha So teruk.

Typlotion, thank u! Not crappy this time! Hahaha