Monday, September 18, 2006

Pussycat Dolls in Malaysia

Old news, i know. But better late than never right? So...

Pussycat Dolls in Malaysia, Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. 26th July 2006. Willing to pay RM200 but Surf beach? Eeek, a concert in water? Yuck, Hesitated, bought RM70 tickets thinking that being far back, i wouldn't have to go into the water, changed my mind and sold off my ticket on the day of the concert itself.

But something made me ask the officials after that, would the concert be in water? Nope, they're taking out the water! Shittttt, if only i knew earlier! Sent smses to whoever i knew was interested. JW, she can't go. Tried JC, ah, jackpot, someone i know who is going!

Bought a new ticket for myself:

E refused to go cuz he just got his dread locks done then. But he did accompany me to Elephant Walk and he was willing to wait for me in the library.

After hours of waiting, sweating, complaining and weaving through the crowd... (and seeing my JC dance like mad during the opening act. He was drunk, i didn't know, so i joined him like idiot! Wahahaha, when i found out i damn malu. But hey, it was fun) ...the girls finally came on stage!

They're so tiny!

A little a lot closer!

My International Business Assignment 2 group mate, DL was there too in JC's group. With his girlfriend and his little sister. So sweet seeing him n his sis, they have the kind of relationship i never had with my brother. He piggybacked her when she couldn't see the stage. My bro's gf and i never exchange more than "hie", what more attend a concert together.

Really appreciate them including me in their group and in their photos! =) Damn, i should have thanked him after the concert. Oh well, would be weird if i sent him a message 2 months after the event.

The other half of the group consists of JC next to me, another International Business classmate, O from Sabah, her bf, her sis, sis's bf and i have no idea who the other guy is...

Forgive me for not looking great, when i got up that morning i didn't think i was going for PCD, hence the a sloppy dressing. I even lent my camera to IS that day itself thinking i didn't need it. Doesn't matter, my camera sucks anyway and i've got a couple of great friends to pass me the pix (although it took them ages)!

Towards the end of the concert, E told me he's going for the concert! With SI. For free! Met them and this guy EW who got them in for free. He's E's primary schoolmate who wanted to meet SI after 'meeting' her online but she didn't dare meet him without E, so yeah, that's why E went. That was 2 months ago, EW and SI are now a happy new couple =)

Made an effort to talk to my bro about the concert at home that night. U know, i was inspired after seeing DL and sister. My bro did go for the concert too, with his gf. We haven't talked without arguing since i have no freaking idea when...

It's a night i definitely wanna remember and Hope i got all the initials right! Ok, no blogging for the rest of d week!


Jazzy*Pam said...

I'm glad you had fun! :D And haha, yeah, better late than never! ;) At least I read bout it here, from you! *grins*

sue lin said...

Hahaha =)

soo imm said...

ooo, i c me name! haha.*glee*
and is tat david? the dave i noe?

sue lin said...

Hahaha Soo Imm, of cuz had to mention u =)
Dunno u know him or not leh...