Friday, September 01, 2006

Just One Photo, Two Years, Balloon in aTree

Yeah, Merdeka is not about our country for me, it's more about E and i. Sorry lar, but the first time i ever counted down for Merdeka was with him and yesterday night was the third time we're celebrating it together.

Two Year Anniversary. =) =) =)

A very simple on in Bukit Bintang. Since we are both born into average families and neither one of us are working.

Nothing much was planned, just went with the flow. Hungry, so we went to eat what i was craving for: Lot 10's food court Hot Plate noodles. YUMMM. 5pm

Lepak in Lot 10's super market. I tell u the people at the marketing people at the supermarket really know their shit! All their chocolate looked so tempting!!! They really know how to shelf their goods, their lighting n all plays tricks. They made my fav Tolberone chocolate look bigger than the ones in Giant!

While waiting for the countdown, we normally watch a movie, nice little ritual. Ant Bully. Recommended by J and S. Movie's at 9.15pm so we had time to kill.

Back to Lot 10! Hahahaha. To buy whipped cream and mineral water. =P Makan almost the whole can of cream! Nice!! Its just mostly milk right, won't gain weight? =P E also he bought me chocolate, my dark chocolate! =)

E hungry again! Saw Nando's. Went to Nando's. After Monash Business Club's appreciation dinner at Nando's last semester, i've been loving Nando's. Hot Peri-Peri for me usually and Mild for E.

This time, we were sharing a quarter, cuz i was still full. He ordered HOT for me, without me knowing! =) Awww... Nando's really marrinate their chicken well, even white meat, chicken breast, without any sauce is hot, makes my mouth water as i type! Worried that E would suffer cuz he can't really eat spicy.

But he seemed to be doing fine. Makes me realize that... throughout the two years we've been together, he must have learnt to eat chilli from me! =) I cut the chicken for him... He's also been getting fat after being with me. Gained 10kg! 8.45pm

30 more mins to our movie.

Me: 30mins is a lot of time, lets walk around Bukit Bintang first and then head to Time Square. Since i'm the kind who loves to take a walk. Especially since it was a cool and cloudy day, it felt like we were overseas, sightseeing.
Him: 30mins is not a lot of time, we should start walking to Times Sqaure. Since he is ALWAYS EARLY.

Conflict. I gave in, but i prolonged d walk from Sg Wang to Times Sqaure. Hehe

Digi was sponsoring a staged event. Free helium balloons were given out. I had to have one. Hehe. And as we walked... as the wind blew, the balloon kept on hitting E, since he's so tall!

HAHAHAHAHA. But he didn't think it was funny. He was irritated, i could see it. It was the beginning of what usually ends up in fights. And he didnt approve of the balloon in the 1st place, he doesn't want me to bring it into the cinema and block people with it!

He has a point. HAHAHA. Stalled la, dun wanna let the balloon go just yet. Until we were in front of Times Square... but there was so many trees. So i left it in a low tree!

Lucky for me E wasn't mad for long. And guess what, we got to our movie seats just in time for the beginning of the movie! Hahaha, okie, so he wins. 9.15pm

Ant Bully was good, not draggy at all. Funny too.

After the movie, we went to see if my balloon is still there in the tree. It was! =) I took it back! Hahahahaha. I think i laughed too much in this post.

Didn't really know what to do... Walked through the back lane of Sg Wang.. Kinda scary, seeing Chinese youth armed with coloured foam sprays, RM10 for 3. It kinda looked like... like... a scene out of a movie. Where there is chaos and anything could go wrong.

But of course it's fine. We went in front of Park Royal to wait for midnight, it was on slightly higher land, so we had a good view of the road filled with people. Could see Rela and whatever its called angkatan in red (i can't remember these bodies unlike E) on standby in case of an emergency.

We observed the way others behaved... hooligans chasing one another with spray... we camwhored...

But just one picture

Fireworks were quite a view from where we were at... =)


Joey said... the title

Sounds like a wonderful celebration :)

Didn't wanna sms to kacau u guys, so will wish u here... Happy 2nd Anniversary!

sue lin said...

Haha Joey, thanks thanks! =)

typlotion said...


countdown....i miss countdown and the foam spray...-.-"

sue lin said...

Haha, i hate it! The foam spray i mean. Love the countdown

Jacqueline said...

I slept too early on the merdeka eve... missed everything... =/

sue lin said...

Hahaha, u must be tired! Monash is a killer

Sue Lin said...

Once upon a time