Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sleepover Weekend

Ibid supra inter alia obicter dicta cateris paribus

Learning Latin in Monash this semester... So hard until friend must stay over to do assignment together.

Haha, no lar, learning Law. Malaysian Company Law. So many of those Law terms are drilled into my head i thought i could write a paragraph of it here. End up only one line! =P The last one is an economic term actually, cateris paribus.

Slaved over the law assignment over the weekend. Horrible, reading about corporate governance, digging up info on MAS and Enron, who cares about the changes to Bursa Malaysia's Listing Requirements and the MCCG and the er... CLsomething! Hahah

By far the most horrible assignment yet.

Next weeekend i'm sleeping over at my friend's house. For another a-sigh-ment

Supra stressed. Had 3 misunderstandings with 3 different girl friends on 3 different issues at the same time yesterday. All via sms or through calls. It was crazy but worked out and cleared up pretty quickly. =)

Still. Supra stressed. Had to change my stupid tyre yesterday, lucky E changed it 4 me! Hahahaha. Wanted to help n not stand around useless, but when i helped i seem to be getting in his way... which made him angry... which made me sad... but ended up alright. Thanks E ! =)

Then sad to burn midnight oil again to get a present done. Although, i only slept 3 hours the night before (Sunday night)...

Busy week ahead too. Farewell for J on Wednesday. Obligation on Thursday to E. Fitness First before that. I think i have some sort of disorder already, i MUST exercise. Sleepover on Friday. Meeting C from Melacca on Saturday (after Fitness First). Assignment due Monday.

Really wanna finish the assignment by Saturday, 11am so that i can go for my Fitness... I'm losing confidence, going there is my only hope... since I LOVE TO EAT.

Ok, this post is getting offhand and i'm supposed to be doing my work. One last thing.

Notice all the green turtles on your msn??? If u don't know about it by now, from asking your friends, it is a tribute to Steve Irwin who was pierced in the heart by a sting ray yesterday (Monday). Front page story in the Star and in the Sun today. Sigh.

Really pity his wife and kids. The daughter is my sisters age!!!


supplementals said...

many turtles for mr crocodile hunter. saw this in a frens nick. "show your respect. eat some stingray. yum yum" mari kita bbq!

sue lin said...

HAHAHAHA, that's funny! Yum yum

But i'm sure the stingray that killed him is some rare species, not the kind we eat isnt it?