Friday, November 04, 2005

Missing Post

Was looking through Ausmat Awards Night pix yesterday. Started missing so many people. They left Sunway for other courses in other universities, many in foreign land. I wasn't that close to many of them but when u look back, can't help but miss them. The bad thing about being in a one year course is that it just passes u by so quickly.

Throughout this year, i started becoming closer to the Ausmat 04s who remained in Sunway/Monash. There are people i was never friends with last year, roughly knew their names and faces but have never spoken to them then. This year, i became relatively closer to many of them.

There's SI, never actually spoken to her last year though we were in the same Accounting class, if i remember correctly. We became friends through blogging, started with a comment here and a comment there and then whenever we see each other in uni we'd exchange pleasantries-- cheerful hellos with some smiles. =)

There's the foyer gang... they used to be the Student Centre gang, i was never close to the last year (except a few) but this year... let's just say so much has happened.

Then there's K. It's sad. We used to be so close. But for some reason... that's not the case anymore.

There are so many more ex-Ausmats... I won't go into details.

But i have to write about M. Wasn't even sure who she was last year. Heard her name but had no idea who she is until this year. Became quite close this year. Eating lunch together... Sitting right in the front during lecture. =) Haha, our little geek group. I'm going to miss her when she goes off to Australia next year.

I'm going to miss PL too!! All her chatter... gonna miss that. Gonna miss falling asleep in accounting class together!

It's annoying how fast time flies...

And u know how everyone would rather go to college than to STPM? I still believe that college is far far better... i can still remember how happy i was on the first day of Ausmat 2004, it was also the 1st day of school and i was so shit happy i didn't have 2 cut my long long finger nails! Hahaha. And nothing beats chucking out those light blue skirts and collared shirts, replacing them with a more comfortable new 'uniform'-- jeans and t-shirts. Hehe.

But the horrible thing about college is that everyone seems to be so rich. There're all flying off to Australia and leaving me behind!

Be patient, my turn will come. Hehehehe.


soo imm said...

ooo, i see me! i see me! hehe.
so honoured to be mentioned here ;)
haha, 1 of the reasons we dun talk much last yr was oso cuz i always skipped acc class =.=
but i rmb u were the treasurer or class rep right?? u n joey always sitting in the front row n i always hide bhind hehe.
haih...i miss the ausmat days

sue lin said...

awww! Ya ya, ur always at the back, that's why never happen 2 sit next to u and start talking. Hey i didn't know u skipped! =P No la, i'm not the rep. Yeah, miss those Ausmat days

Joey said...

Soo Imm, u skip acc yet u can score well? Darn. That juz shows some ppl are not destined to do accounting (aka ME). haha

sue lin said...

Haha, Soo Imm , i never knew your TER!! Tell me ok?

Joey, good also what u didn't do well in accounts, or u'd be stuck doing boring business instead of doing so well in your psych.