Wednesday, February 16, 2005

First Valentine

Hie Blog. Wow, i'm sleepy. But i'd better write before i forget what i wanna write about. Actually, i don't think i'd forget what i want to write about. How could u forget your 1st Valentine spent with a special someone???

I know i won't forget. But there are a lot of our times together that i would love to write about, i just haven't gotten down to it. Don't want the same thing to happen to this event.

So, V day. Mine was simple, minimum roses. Haha, minimum to make plural is 2. Hehe, but i'm happy enough cuz i can say he gave me roseS. Hahah, sorry ar, a bit crazy ar... I don't have 2 tell u that the roses he gave me are the roses in the picture, do i? Didnt get any nice pictures of the cake and chocolates he gave me, didnt have my camera then

It was fun eating the chocolate together today, yeah, on 15 Feb

So, from the beginning. Our Valentines started on the 13th! =) At around 11.30pm to be exact. I know the exact time cuz i glanced at the clock and purposely asked "Why so early?" Hehehe. That's when i received the cake, chocolates and the roses.

It was simple, sweet and short. But the my Valentine can't end before dawn can it? So after we got some sleep, in our respective homes of course, we continued the celebration in the afternoon. I drove 2 his house to give him the cookies my bestfriend and i baked. I guess he was happy, but the cookies were HARD, have to admit. And i had 2 take his teasing! But he ate half the jar on 14th February itself anyway. Yay!

Hmm, i wonder if he actually threw them away... haha...

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