Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Valentines Part 2

Our Valentines was mainly just spending lots of time together. After all most of last week was dedicated to family, he with his, me with mine for the Chinese New Year.

Okay, ok, time 2 admit, any girl wouldn't be happy with just spending time 2gether, we would want a nice dinner. Doesn't have to be fine dining, just some place nice. And i'm too nice 2 ask for it. I'm sure he'd treat me but no way am i gonna suggest expensive places. So instead i offered to belanja him, Secret Recipe, it's affordable, it's also respectable. He was really happy which made happy.

For a moment, i thought of giving him the cash so it would look like he paid at the restaurent. And then i thought maybe i could just tell my friends we went to Secret Recipe, they wouldn't know who paid.

But i changed my mind. I paid and i'm proud of it, hehe, i took out my wallet proudly there at Secret Recipe, haha. And online last night(14th Feb) i told a few ppl that i paid. I mean... it's 2005 right? Besides, on our very first date months ago, i was the one who asked him out, i even drove ok? His car was at the service centre.

And i'm proud of it! Another reason i'm proud of it is cuz what 2 of my guy friends said. They both recent broke up (with their girlfriends, not with each other). One of them said that his girlfriend didn't appreciated him. The other tells me how he gives up buying an FCUK shirt just to get his ex-gf a skirt. Talking to them made me realize what guys go through.

After dinner we walked by each and every restaurent in the mall we're at, just to look at other couples. Don't know what u'd think of that but it was fun. And funny. It's something i've never seen before: Couples, everywhere, of all ages. There were school kids(school uniforms), college kids, uni ones (us, hehe), and then working couples (in work-ish clothes) and then there are parent couples who brought their children along, there even was an elderly couple. Outside Swensons there were 4 couples waiting to be seated, even more at Shushi King. And in the carpark as well, many couples leaving.

Then we took about 2 dozen photographs with my digital camera. The above is one of my favourites Posted by Hello

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