Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hey Blog, this a non-love post for once, after a long time, but right after this one i'd write a bit more about love, hehehe. Or maybe a lot more about love. Then if i'm not sleepy yet, i'd write about my dog. Actually i'm supposed 2 clean my room... i'll just rush it later

Ok... University is starting soon, on Monday, the 21st of Febuary and as usual i've procrastinated a lot. Thankfully a kind friend, her name starts with a 'C' and she's doing Biotech in Monash helped me out a lot. She even gave me the contacts of this other gurl who's studying the same course as me.

Actually i was kinda reluctant to add/message this gurl, since we've gone through a year of knowing without actually speaking to each other. It'd be awkward, i thought, and i didnt wanna bother her. But i added her on my msn anyway. And we talked, it wasn't easy, but it wasnt that hard 2. I didn't want to bother her 2 much but she was very nice: said she didnt mind and that we should help each other.

Turns out she couldn't help me and if i'm not mistaken i helped her la.

And i was happy i did.

I don't know how 2 explain it but i know what i learnt from this. People like to help others. So, u should ask people for help, u wouldn't burden. Instead u'd make them feel helpful, and that is rewarding enough. So maybe i'd swallow my stupid ego a bit more and ask for help a lil' bit more.

Guess i have to apologise. Looks like i wouldn't be able to write about all the other stuff i wanted to write about tonight. Really sorry, i ended up chatting too much... wow i started this post at 12.55. It's 4 am now when i'm finishing it

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