Friday, February 25, 2005

Lately i've been in the mood to blog, to tell u the truth i used to write a diary. Right now i've almost completely switched to blogging cuz the notebook i use 2 write in has run out of pages and i'm waiting for a new one.

So, today, i skipped a day at university cuz i dun wanna attend the boring talk on study skills. Instead i built my timetable (i have Wednesdays off! =). Then i decided what i wanted to major in (For now it looks like i'm gonna take a double major, in accounting and in marketing. And i'd take a minor in writing, since i love to write! Did i ever mention that i actually wanted a double degree in Business and in Mass Communications? Since the double degree of my choice is unavailable here, i guess the closest i can get to it is doing a minor in writing)

What else did i do today? Hung out with E. =) Had lunch n dinner together, watch tv and went online 2gether, chit chat... i told him something i've never told anyone before. Now that i've told him, i can tell u, since it's better to tell it to him face to face than to let him find out through my blog. (He's a loyal reader of my blog, not surprised? =)

What is it i told him? Yeah, i told my about my very very first impression of him. Possible a year ago, a friend pointed him out to me, she told me his name and the unique way his name was spelt. She also told me about his parentage: he's mixed, Malay and Chinese.

So, when i first saw him, from afar, i noted that he was good-looking. I did feel something. Love at first sight? Nah, i don't believe in that. Anyway, i remembered telling myself to NOT be interested in him, since he's half Malay, which means that he is Muslim by law. I successfully managed to do that, u know, not crush on him.

It wasn't that difficult; we were practically strangers to one another, with no classes in common and no proper introduction. And well, my friend told me quite some stuff about him to me: he doesn’t complete his homework, he has many summons for speeding... Let's just say he had a bad impression on me la

Until we got to know each other better around August 2004. We got along really well, and he provided reasonable explanations to... err... erase my negative thoughts of him. And the rest is another story that isn't for tonight.

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