Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hey hey...
I've started uni... School of Business, Monash University Malaysia.

Yesterday(Monday) was ok. U sit and listen to welcome speeches and then i met up with some ex-Ausmat students. Then we left for lunch at Pyramid and hung out... and when the guys left, the girls shopped!

Today (Tuesday)... wasn't very fun. The talks were super boring, didnt manage to awake this time... but what i really really hate most was queueing up for my student card. I stood there so long waiting. And it irritates me 2 see people in groups chatting. These people did MUFY last year and they're close. Annoys me cuz they stick in a group and don't mix much. Haha, actually that sounds like what we ex-Ausmats did yesterday.

Another thing about today which contributes to the fact that i didnt enjoy the day was cuz walking around the campus is like taking a walk down memory lane... so many fond memories, makes me sad, i miss AUSMAT2004 so so much. The surroundings, the tables, chairs and even the toilets reminds me of last year, makes it harder. U know, being in such a familiar building with so few familiar faces?
At least i'm not staying in the hostel yet. On my way home i could stop by a certain someone's place. And at home there was food on the table. And i caught a movie with my mom in the evening. Title of the movie is Sepet and it's local. It's mainly about this Malay girl who falls in love with a Chinese guy. It's funny, but a little typical. And it has a lot of mood scenes without speech, i like those, cute, especially the one on the girl's parents... Oh and it was a premiere tonight so after the movie we could see the cast of the movie...

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