Sunday, August 08, 2010

Orchid Show

For years and years i have always listened when my Uncle talks about his orchid shows so fondly

Rows of potted orchids, which i helped sleeved (packed with custom-ordered protective plastic sheet), ready to be loaded into the van.

You can either train the flowers to stand upright, or let them hang gracefully

Loaded and ready to go!

Do i look good with a moustache? Haha! While waiting for uncle to change out of his farmer overalls

A picture of the pond that morning

A spiderweb by the pond

June is only the beginning of the orchid season in Sydney. I only got to attend the smaller mall-based orchid shows and not the full scale one in the St Ives showground in mid-August =(

How we unload the orchids. Parked in normal customer parking lot because the loading bay was full. And we used trolleys! Hahha.

I saw a lady who has already bought an orchid plant, she was walking back to her car. She saw me and said "If i knew u were coming i would have waited". My uncle's orchids are noticeably better =)

Some orchid growers enjoy entering their plants in a contest. I loved the magnificient sight of the exotic flowers. It was like Avatar! But with the lighting in the mall, photos don't turn out well

The sales section. Orchid Society Members volunteer their time to sell the plants. Its a cute past time, i feel happy watching them, you don't see the elderly Malaysians hanging out like that, do u?


MK Loo said...

your blog reminds me of the British magazines I used to read when I was a young girl....stories about the teenage girls doing summer jobs

Sue Lin said...

Hahahah, really??? Thanks! But i am not a teenager anymore! Haha

MK Loo said...

liked the pond and spider web pictures.

Sue Lin said...

Yeah!!! The pond looks very nice in photgraphs! And thanks, i took some time focusing on the spiderweb! =)

Jacqueline said...

Pretty!!! The orchid.... XD