Sunday, April 25, 2010

Living Underground

"Half the residents (of Coober Pedy) live underground to escape hot temperatures in summer and stay cosy through winter", my Bestfriend read out to me from a tourism booklet. We slept underground too!

Our room! Bestfriend n i shared the double bed and Russian took the top bunk. Bestfriend n i went to take our morning shower while Russian stayed in the room to look after our stuff. See the dark blue pillow with the sun in the first pic? When we got back Russian was leaning on it when i got back to the room, i asked "What are u doing?"

He replied "Waiting for u..."

"Cuz it takes forever for u girls to take a shower", then he got up to go to the toilet. Hahahha! Joker

Soon Bestfriend came back to the room and we took these pictures.

Thats the stairs to the underground rooms. I was smsing E from above the stairs. No reception below

Outside our room, had to charge camera batteries outside.

Our room underground has no windows, obviously, just one ventilation fan. We had no sense of time in that room, didnt know if its bright outside and overslept.

Radeka's Downunder Motel & Backpackers on the outside. AUD 94 for the room we took (About RM95 per person per night)

Checkout times in Australian backpackers places is at 10am. Other guests made a move quickly after checking out, many of the cars in the parking drove away. We hung out a bit.

Souvenier shop. Russian paid for internet to go on Facebook and to email his mom. He also called up the car rental company about our accident

Looks totally fine from the right

But awfully dented on the left

Close up. Not working but not broken lamp.

Kangaroo paw marks on the side of the car.

Thankfully paranoid Bestfriend insisted we take insurance so we were fully covered. The car rental people simply told us to get the car exchanged in Alice Springs

Bestfriend went to church because it was Good Friday

Stained glass

Though i am a freethinker, i said a little prayer for the poor kangaroo

Funny faces

Thats Coober Pedy, it looks really empty, the town is tiny, really tiny, you can drive from one end to the other in less than 10minutes!

When we were getting directions from this petrol station at night when we arrived, the guy was like "Go straight all the way till u reach the roundabout, go straight down and Radeka's will be on your left." He made it sound like such a long distance but to us it was VERY close by!

Searched for food and look what we found. A Chinese restaurant in the middle of the desert! Everything was closed in the morning so we checked it out. Friendly Russian went to spoke to the owner in Mandarin! She was shocked and had trouble understanding his accent at first. Hahhaah

Then she turned to me and asked if i taught him! Damn, embarassing that I CAN'T SPEAK MANDARIN and the white man was speaking in Chinese. Shit. I hate situations like this. He lived in Taiwan for 5 years

We didnt eat there cuz they would take 15mins to open and i didnt wanna pay $17 to $20 for a plate of noodles in the desert. We stopped outside this Black Opal shop to eat our sandwiches from out Coles plastic bag...

While eating my sandwich i wandered into the shop and the friendly owner told me that opals are his hobby, and started telling me about opals, doesnt matter if i am not buying anything

Shortly after that, we were on our way

6 comments: said...

I is jealous. You get to travel around in AUS.... noooooooooooo

Sue Lin said...

Daniel i is jealous of u too! U went to Tibet

If u come over to Aust i can help u plan a trip to the Outback =D

Isya said...

i dont think i can live in that underground place. i'm a bit claustrophobic, i even get uncomfortable if there's traffic jam in the smart tunnel.

hahahhaa. we sama2 bananas!!!

Sue Lin said...

Hie Isya! Oh yeahhh, u are! I forgot that u are. Then u really should NOT try this place

But u have an excuse, u are only half Chinese, i look like the purest form of Chinese!

Satkuru said...

gosh, this is the 2nd time i am encountering someone who is traveling around Australia. probably it's a sign for me to visit down under again :P

Sue Lin said...

Hey Satkuru let me know if u do come visit =) Where was ur first encounter?