Friday, August 13, 2010

Glampot Launch

A university mate of mine invited me for the launch of his fashion boutique, Glampot's second outlet. Immediately thought of inviting my Batchmates!

Three of us met up at 11.45am for lunch and a heart-to-heart session in Tropicana City mall. Then coffee at Starbucks while waiting for RC, who's always late, to pick us up for the launch

Glamourous four. Aren't we the younger, Asian version of the Sex and the City girls? Hahha!

Cupcakes and other refreshment, delicately placed by the entrance. We were served drinks and given exclusive door gifts!

David Lee, my uni mate, the owner of the shop, presenting me my new designer handbag. Complimentary. Mine to love!

Kidding! Just posing for fun =P

Was a short but good catch up session, he had to mingle with the other guests and his loyal customers. Briefly updated each other on our lives. Its been so long since Graduation, the IB assignment and the Monash Ball

Browsed the items on display with the girls, all the while chatting non-stop =)

Who says you cant make friends at work? Love these girls =)


MK Loo said...

for a minute there I was like "eh? why never show me the bag? why never give me the bag?"

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, bluff wan. Just posing =P The goodie bag i gave u =)

Joey said... heart stopped beating when you bluffed us about getting the bag for free. kekeke...

You look nice in these pics :)

Sue Lin said...

Joey hahaha, ur comment was funny! First smile of my morning =) Thanks for the compliment too!

MK Loo said...

is the bag a Birkin? very expensive one waiting list...only Victoria Beckham got it in many colours!

Sue Lin said...

MK, ooo i see, i didnt know. My knowledge of designer bags arent that good yet la

Isya said...

u received a designer baggg??!!! hehehhe.

i am suddenly missing that RM700 pair of shoes. didn't even take a picture of it :(

Sue Lin said...

Hahaha, Isya u were there =)

Oh no, u didnt even take a pic of the shoes? Shame =(