Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Desert Dream

Day 3 (2/4/2010) was spent mostly on the road and camwhoring!

Accidentally zoomed in. I've always felt conscious about my small eyes and wanted to delete the photo but Russian, who always look at my pictures said "I like this picture cuz it has my blue eyes and your Asian eyes."

Take 2

And one with the driver, when she is not driving of course

Some desert town, Cadney Park or Marla. Such desert names

I love love love blue skies

Road trains they are called, there were lots of them. Bestfriend n i went to use the toilet while Russian slept in the car! Bestfriend would say "Useless boy"

Stopped at some scenic lookout points to admire desert beauty

Super windy and sunny that day =)

Sleeping handsome (Masculine of sleeping beauty?) wakes up to join the photoshoot

Toyota should pay us for advertising their Corolla Ascent!

Self timer shot, i'm pleased =)

Since he slept through our pee stop...

Paparazi in the desert. She took quite a few pix of him!

Before moving on

Russian took over the wheel after that. I sat at the backseat. Half asleep when i heard Bestfriend n Russian consider stopping to help a car with problems at the side of the road.

Despite her concerns, he was nice and pulled over to help

The couple ran out of gas and wanted to get some from us. They even had a pipe, makes me wonder how often do they run out of gas? We were also low on fuel and was unsuccessful in helping them.

They wanted us to tow their car to the nearest station! We had no rope and neither did they. It was crazy when they suggested they'd cut their seatbelts to be used as rope!

As Russian helped them i took pictures and noticed there was a car going off road at the back. Turns out to people who are there to bring the couple fuel in a tank!

Thank goodness, i didnt want to damage the engine of our already physically damaged car by towing another car!

Shortly after that we crossed the border to the Northern Territory! We hollered and cheered! On the other side of the road, was the speed limit: 130kmph baby!

Russian cheered even louder and stepped on the accelerator before i could take a picture of the sign! Stopped at Kulgera, the first town in the Northern Territory.

Russian wanted to drink cuz the taste of the petrol was giving him a headache. I later asked him what did they use to cut their seatbelts?

A huge knife, from the way he described it, sounded like a parang! I was wide-eyed and thankful that they didnt harm him, steal our car and leave Bestfriend and i stranded, helpless in the middle of the desert!

Like a scene out of a desert movie, ain't it?

We fed the car petrol and booked out accomodation for the night (using The Lonely Planet and a public telephone as there was no reception). Bestfriend paid for internet while Russian went to the bar.

The blogger ate some fish cake and went to check out the caravan and cabin park =)

It was nice just sitting there on my own, taking in the surroundings, watching as the water sprinklers water the grass

There was this old couple who rented a cabin there, they were just chilling out in front of the cabin, reading side by side... in the middle of the desert, in the middle of the afternoon, so carefree. Retirement in Australia looks awesome!

Went to the bar to chill out with Bestfriend and Russian, lots of laughter.

He spoke to me in Mandarin to comment on an obesed lady that walked in, and i didnt understand the key word. I am used hearing "hen fei (very fat)" but he said "hen pang", Bestfriend translated to Malay for me

On the way to the car, i directed them to put their heads there =P Cute huh?

Other people stared at our car and asked us if we hit a roo. Sigh. Gotta admit. Continued on our journey and stopped at Stuart's Well caravan park

Just for fun

The baby sleeps through our photography session

I love my reflection on the window, with the trees in the background and the pig sleeping there. Hahahhaha

With other (awake) animals

Kangaroo and an emu. Bestfriend was being bitchy and told the kangaroo that i hit its cousin the night before! =(

Pseudo artistic picture of the fence.

Vain shot of me


Isya said...

i kept wanting to comment. but ur spos to be studying and not lose focus!!

the Russian has really blue eyes!!!

and all those places u stoppped look like it's from a movie or something.

it's so nice yet scary that you guys actually stopped to help. what were doing with a parang in their car?!!

Sue Lin said...

Isya, hahaha, thanks for commenting. Now u know how worried i was abt u when u kept on blogging n reading n looking for ur Digi thingie before ur supp paper =P

Yeah man, so blue! Yeah who knew the desert can be so pretty right?He was nice to help

The parang... maybe they use it to cut grass?! Dunno, beats me! Thank god we're all ok

Joey said...

Love the pics and adventures! Esp the 4th pic...really looks like those random shops in the desert (not like I know la)

Susan said...

Has Russian read your blog yet?

Sue Lin said...

Joey thanks! Yeah the trip was really an adventurous one. I laughed when u said "random shops in the desert (not like i know la)" =)

Susan no idea. I think he hasn't cuz he said he'll comment if he reads right?

Boon Kheng said...

Hi, I'm a fellow Nuffnanger studying in Melbourne. Hit a roo? lol. I heard the wildlife dept actually record stats of roos being killed, they have a 'target' to remove a fixed number of roos every few years. Don't noe this is true, just a random fact.

Sue Lin said...

Hie Boon Kheng! If what you say is true its great, somehow i wish there were less road kills. Feels awful to have contributed to that statistic. The poor creature, it was a beautiful sight seeing the two of them on the road, i made it end in tragedy for them. Sighhh

Thanks for commenting =)

Isya said...

hahahahahaa. but but but... i did study much harder during supp paper than the main. cause during the main, i was hooked onto youtube which was worst and more time consuming.

yeah... maybe they're gardeners! luckily u guys came back safe and sound :)

Sue Lin said...

Isya i cant decide if its worse this year for me or last year with MDG during FIN...

So glad u made it through, now its my turn, mustnt screw up!