Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Desert Rain

On the 6th day of my Australian Road Trip, i woke up early to camwhore!

Kinda miss my long hair.

The messy look. It'll grow back. Which reminds me, i need to layer my hair a bit more before i fly off next =)

Excellent for the road trip but horrible car to take your driving license test in. Yeah my driving instructor uses the same model for lessons and my exam

Snapped some pictures while Bestfriend went to check out of Mt Ebenezer guesthouse

Under a million stars, where we had dinner there the night before.

Our staple diet of sandwiches out of a box. Previously we ate out of a Coles plastic bag. But on that hot day in Uluru, Russian's cheese melted all over the bag so we threw it away

Russian and i were looking at this guy who's shorts are too short, and his legs were so hairless! Hahaha. Gay?

Prove of rain in the desert the night before

After rain kangaroos love to hang out on the roads, they drink form the puddle, he policeman told us.

Stopped by Kulgera again. And continued on.

The sky started to get dark

And darker

Started to pour

Rain on the desert

Drove through Coober Pedy for fuel. The pretty little mining town looks like a scene out of an end of the world movie now =(

The end of my desert series


Patrick ho said...

Your lip got the blood mark?Izzit the dessert air too dry?And i really open my eye how is the dessert with raining look like..

Sue Lin said...

Hahaha, no its a fly on my lip! Hahaha, Australia is full of flies during summer or in the warmer states

dawn said...

the road looks like those in the movies where people travel and there's no other car.

and when they reach a place it's all quiet and they'll be like creatures attacking o_O

didn't know roads can be so empty :p

Sue Lin said...

Hahahah, Dawn ur funny! No creatures la, just kangaroos who might hit ur car =P

Its a really really long road. It goes from the top of Aust Darwin all the way to Adelaide then Melbourne at the bottom of Aust