Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shrine of Rememberance

What the Tugu Negara is to Malaysia, is what the Shrine of Rememberance is to the Australians

Memorial for those who have served in the wars in history. From the viewing deck

PL, me and Melbourne city. There were pictures and aerial views of the shrine a century ago. Amazing comparison of how Swanston street has changed.

Back in 2007, a friend told me that u can see the entire Swanston street from the shrine. After all its just one straight road.

On the trams along Swanston street, if u look up ahead, you'll see the shrine. Love this shot, proud of it, with blurry people walking by, like a page from a magazine =)

Sky light from the middle of the shrine

Timer shot

After that we walked along the Yarra River, $1 7Eleven cup of coffee in our hands. Went to Crown Casino, played some electronic roulette. Visited the Poker Room and checked out a dealer that looks like Clarke Kent. Hahah

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