Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Melbourne-->Adelaide-->Port Augusta

Met as scheduled in Melbourne city (31/3/2010) and we drove into the sunset towards Adelaide

Russian drove first, then me, then Bestfriend. It was actually a very fun drive. Aussie roads are interesting! The forest on both sides were scenic and it was entertaining listening to the stories of someone who has been travelling for a whole year!

The trick to night driving, i learnt from E, was to find another vehicle to follow. The road from Melb to Adelaide was full of huge trucks called road trains. I stalked them, they lighted up my way. We called it a night at 3am.

Didnt know the inn we stayed in was Handorf, a pretty little German settlement (Melbourne to Hahndorf: 715km)

We had pies for breakfast and strolled along the autumn streets. Really cute and quaint. Out of the blue, an unknowned number called me and it turned out to be my old school friend, AZ! So i asked the group if we could stop by Adelaide

Me, Russian and Bestfriend. We call him that cuz he is Russian. Hahah! In Randall Mall, Adelaide, waiting for AZ to come find us. To me... Adelaide feels like Sydney, it has a different feel from Melbourne, would have been nice to go shopping

Had a good walk down memory lane with dear AZ whom i havent seen since... 2004 (not counting our meet up in Jan 2010). Shortly after, we decided to make a move, hey, its a long way to Uluru, the main destination of the trip.

I drove us out of Adelaide's congested pre-Good Friday traffic jam, then when bestfriend took over the drive, i sat in the backseat and took pictures. Somewhere between Adelaide and Port Augusta.

On the backseat lies the Bible (thats what we call the Lonely Planet), our jackets, the girls' handbags and a Coles supermarket plastic bag of bread and processed meat. Gosh, that was the beginning of my no rice diet that lasted 7 days

Puteri Lilin camwhore blogger =P
White gold diamond necklace a gift from E. Top from Topshop and pants from Cotton On, both my trendy aunt's clothes =)

Drove and drove and drove until the sun was low in the horizon, bought some alcohol in Port Augusta and drove somemore. We kept each other company with chatter and laughter


MK Loo said...

you wore small ah e's clothes? no wonder i thot i have never seen such clothes before..ha.ha ha!

dawn said...

looks like fun =)

can't see clearly the necklace but looks nice :)

Joey said...

Love the second pic! The autumn leaves and the green leaves are a good match

Sue Lin said...

MK yeah its either her clothes or new =) She has really nice things

Dawn it was fun! And thanks, the necklace is actually very old, almost as long as i have been with E

Joey yeah!!! I love love love the autumn-ness of those trees!