Thursday, June 24, 2010


After travelling thousands of kilometers

We see Uluru, also known as Ayer's Rock

It is the sacred land of the oboriginal people in Australia, also a tourist destination

The research i did before my trip revealed that there's some controversy.

Apparently, tourists are advised not to climb it but not prohibited from doing so. Argument against climbing: it's sacred, we should respect the oboriginals and it is really steep making it dangerous
Argument for: they charged us $25 to enter the National Park, it a revenue earning tourist destination

Did this blogger climb?

I wanted to. Bestfriend wanted to respect the wishes of the oboriginals. Russian didnt have proper shoes. I didn't want to go up alone (dangerous) and it was so damn hot that day i got lazy...

We drove around the rock instead, inside our Toyota with the aircond on full blast. Hehe. And then we headed to The Olgas

Yeah, its just more rocks. Australia is full of rocks. We were "Rocked out" by the end of the day, didnt wanna see anymore rocks.

Mind u, we did Kings Canyon, Uluru and The Olgas in one damn day, the rest of our trip was spent getting to the destination and going back

We hiked to the middle of The Olgas, its the shortest trail we could find

Russian is sick of taking pictures, hence the face. The guy in green on the left was starring at us cuz we were noisy

Stupid glaring sun. Really killed the mood

Yeah i know how much i preach about natural sunlight being good for pictures. But this was too much! The view actually reminded me of Lord of the Rings but with the sun like that, i cant capture anything decent! Moderation is the key to everything in life eh?

Self shot on the way out of the Olgas.

Accomodation in Uluru is expensive, cutthroat as it is a tourist destination. So Russian wanted us to get as far away from the Rock as possible!

Sunset in the car (again) instead of at Uluru

Sandwiches for dinner under the stars at Ebenezer guesthouse. We called it a night pretty early that day, didnt wanna hit another kangaroo


Biopolymath said...

The sacred rock up close and personal like no other taken by Sue Lin hahaha.

I'm now on world cup fever. By the time I wrote this, I finished watching Japan vs Denmark! Staying up for matches is really tiring sometimes, but fear not 'coz I finished all my exams. Are you in it too?

Sue Lin said...

Hey Biopolymath! Love ur line: "sacred rock up close n personal like no other" =) Thanks

I'm not really a world cup fan, just read about it on Facebook status updates and watch a little when other people are watching. I cant seem to pay attention, my mind will drift away from the screen

Isya said...

haih... i love your pictures soo soo much laaaa. makes me wanna go for a holiday somewhere just to take pictures. hahahahaa.

Sue Lin said...

Isya thanks, thats sweet =) Nice little cheer up for me cuz am quite down tonight (maybe feeling crappy cuz i didnt get enough sleep last night). Anyway, go go get a scenic holiday just to take pictures!

Isya said...

don't be down!! eat chocolates!!
although, going for a holiday just to camwhore sounds tempting as well. heheh.

Sue Lin said...

Isya, u know what i think i ate half a packet of Arnott's mint slice chocolates without realizing even before u asked me to eat chocolates!