Thursday, April 21, 2005

U've heard me go on and on about how great my parents are in one of my past post. But they can be very very very unfair as well. And un-understanding.

They, my father in particular wouldn't allow me 2 learn driving when i was in Form 5(17 years old, minimum age to learn driving). No matter how many times i asked. No matter how much i cried. Answer is NO.

I had to walk to the bus stand, take two stupid buses just to travel 3.9km, and walk home from the bus stand. I also had to take the bus to tuition and the lrt from one tuition to the other. Not to mention walking from station to class. It would have been convenient to be able to drive.

This year, when my brother is 17, he gets to learn driving.

So i complianed to my mom. And she shouted at me, saying i was annoying her.

Couldn't help it, i cried and cried. Found it so unfair. And i got scolded for it? Unfair. And i don't want to share my car, i love it, it's my baby. I don't want to share it until next year as originally planned. So i cried and came online to complain.

Complaining is good, i feel so much better and i managed to stop crying. My friend told me to ask my father about it calmly. So when i finally stopped crying and calmed down, i talked to my father about it.

What he says is good. HaHahaha. He says my brother is gonna learn but he wouldn't be allowed to drive. He won't get a car. And i won't be allowed to lend him mine!!!!!! =) Not like i'd want to lend him my car anyway.


She's Jess said...

Hey Sue Lin,

You have your satisfaction at last then? He has a license but at the end, no driving... so cheer ya?

sue lin said...

Hey hey... sorry didn't see ur comment until NOW! Haha, anyway, EVEN NOW~! He hasn't even taken the undang test. Muahahahaha, wonder why