Monday, April 25, 2005

Hey hey, today... i went to buy a Smart Tag, since there is a promotion going on.

I was told to go to the Plus main office somewhere in Taman Desa. My mom gave me complicated directions, and when i called up their office for directions they gave me equally complicated but very different directions... i had to pass by a school and the water park and i dont remember what else, i had it written down.

So, i was in a hurry this morning... so i drove fast, and because of misleading sign boards and a stupid bike who blocked the road, i missed a crucial turning. Being on the high way there was no turning back. So i took the next left turning. Drove along and turned left, since it's the most rational thing to do.

I followed the road until i came to a cross junction. I wasn't confused at all there, i just had a very strong instict to turn right. So i did. And then i saw the building. Faber Plaza.

As i was driving in, i asked the security guard for clarification. Nope i got the wrong place. But the guard told me that the place i'm looking for, Faber Tower is close by. So close he could just point to it.

That was really lucky n easy.

Getting out of the place was a bit confusing. I ended up in a residential area, going round and round. Until i saw this car coming out of a house. I thought, "if this guy stays here, i'm sure he knows how 2 get out". So i followed him, and i was lead to the right road.

Lucky huh?

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