Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hey hey,
I'm sleepy and i feel messed up. Stupid, way behind in work. But i won't bore you with that.

So, J comment on my last post, she asked me to get a dream interpreter... don't think i can do that so i just checked out this book i had. Nothing there, i thought i could find a meaning to the dream but maybe it's just very simple: I'M STRESSED. Haha

So stressed that i get weird dreams like that... so stressed i did stupid things in my sleep yesterday night. And i remembered it! Soooooo stupid, hehe. I got up in the middle of the night, supposedly to study, but as usual, i wanted to reset the alarm on my handphone so i could get a bit more sleep. I put on a reminder as well just in case i don't get up. I was too tired to type a proper reminder so i simply tapped at the keypad. And then i saved it.

I thought i saved a reminder. But then i received a delivery report! Shit, i did not set a reminder, i actually sent an sms. To my boyfriend! Hahahahaha. I sent him a nonsense sms in the middle of the night. And i disturbed his sleep! I felt so bad but there was nothing i could do but apologise.

Already going crazy on the 7th week of Monash. Wish me luck.

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