Sunday, April 24, 2005

Cold Hard Facts

Hello. As usual i've got sooo much to say. And as usual i have this strong urge to tell u about all the stressed that caused this huge pimple to pop out on my forehead... But those are small matters when compared to strong emotions no one can explain such as LOVE.

Friday, the 22nd of April, would have been a certain couple's one year anniversary. They broke off a few months ago, she didn't have any more feelings for him and he couldn't move on. He started smoking a lot. That day, through her friend, M, he gave her exactly the same thing he gave her when they first got together. Much nicer this year according to her.

At first she didn't want to accept, but we persuaded her to. Persuading her wasn't easy. Even I felt sad. We told her it's just a nice thing, doesn't have to mean anything. She reluctantly took it after M told her he knows it's over.

The next day i told E about it. I said "Boy gave girl a dozen roses yesterday, exactly the same as last year, their one year anniversary". I expected him to say something nice about the guy or comment or whatever but he simply stated the obvious "They are not together anymore."

Cold hard facts.

Although it really has got nothing to do with me, i felt like crying then and there. So Sue Lin shuts up, looks down at her food and concentrates on controlling the tears.

It isn't the girl's fault, no one is to blame but when things like this happens... there is... negative externalities.

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sue lin said...

Sigh... i totally forgot about that... By the way i'm glimpsing through my posts.

Better stop la... and read them through properly tomorrow in the morning. After jogging. Night night...