Saturday, January 08, 2005

2nd Hand Booksale

Unlike some people who were lucky lucky, i was unfortunately unlucky. In the booksale. I didn't eat anything for a whole 24hours, except for a Fisherman's Friend sweet Ms R offered me. And two cups of coffee and two carton of 230ml chocolate milk.

When i was downstairs selling my books, there weren't many Ausmat newbies... so i went upstairs, which wasn't easy. Up there, it was no better. Since i had 2 compete with convincing A-grade-sweet-talkers who are friends of mine. Note the last part of the last sentence, friends of mine, so i had 2 give them face and keep my cheap-o prices to myself. Then another friend told me that sales are much better downstairs.

So with my trolley of stuff i went down. Too late, cuz the place was like a market. Hectic. A market with too many sellers and too few buyers. A seller's nightmare and a buyer's paradise. Some of us old Ausmat students were just giving away stuff cuz they wanted to go home, fed up.

After attempting to sell my calculator and all my chemistry, both of which are still with me, i was ready to give up. I mean, i did tell myself that if there aren't good offers, i'd keep the stuff. Guess it's fated that they stay with me?

Fine, i had other stuff to do. More important stuff. Gotta see Monash councilors. And Ms R to certify my statement of results... So, my chem stuff in the trolley went back into my car. Wasn't easy lugging the it around. Stupid hot weather, i started sweating. That's when i felt it, such hardship (a little dramatic but true), i felt like someone in a flea market who didn't sell anything. Depressing. I realized that i haven't eaten too. I only had a cup of coffee for breakfast and a carton of milk. No lunch. Most of the food in the cafeteria was sold buy then.

I didn’t want to end up feeling like that everyday. So i'd study hard this year

After loading my books into the car, i had to rush, two hours left before office hours ends, decided to see Ms R first, since she's always busy. And yea, she was. I'd rather come back later than wait. So i went to Monash, stopped by to talk to a few friends here and there... don't think i was that sociable last year. I guess the time apart makes the bond stronger? At least we get to have a reunion

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