Thursday, January 06, 2005


"Like children, our computers can give us immense pleasure and endless frustration in the blink of an eye" is what the display name of an msn contact of mine.

I couldn't agree more. Cuz i HATE my Winamp, don't really know how 2 use it and it refuses to play some of my songs without a reason, it also keeps on playing the same songs! I used to love those songs but i got fed up after a short while...

So i switched 2 listening to CDs. Using Microsoft media player. I don't know how 2 use that darn thing either. Not user friendly, in fact i think it hates me. I have no idea WHY it can't play the songs as they are arranged on the CD, why does it have 2 play the songs randomly? And why is it so hard 2 change that??? Stupid!

In a camp i went to in 2003, the facilitator who spoke on music said that the songs are carefully arranged on a CD for a reason i cannot remember. But i have 2 agree, it is MUCH nicer listening to the CD non-randomly. This CD anyway

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Sue Lin said...

Ooooh i once used wina... how to spell it, Winamp?! HAHAHA, ancient! I wonder how i will react to this when i am 70 years old