Friday, January 21, 2005

Keepin Busy

Hey hey, B (as in Blog, u know the same way people write "Dear Diary"? =)

I just realized that i've wasted 3weeks doing nothing much. 2 of that 3 weeks were spent being moody and grumpy and sooo emotional. My bestfriend and fellow Pisces said that our kind were going through a tough time then, she read it in a horoscope. So glad we had each other 2 relate to.

I guess i was alright after a good shopping trip! Lots of discounts! And i also decided to start going out everyday like i used to in December. Yea, school friends wouldn't be available now in January but college friends would still be! And i'd better hang out with them before some of them leave for Australia

So, i've got a lunch outing planned out for Thaipusam, hope that'll work out. Then I've got an ice skating trips lined up, i'll have to plan that, i'll have to plan everything, everyone else just bloody won't. If i don't no one will and i'd just be stuck at home going online 3 to 4 times a day and chaffeuring my sister home from school.

Ok, that's not the point, I'm gonna plan an ice skating trip. If possible i'd make it into 2 ice skating trips! Hehe, i juz love skating. And school days are the best time to go skating, u won't get pesky kids in your way. Haha, i just mean that it'll be a lot less crowded in the rink.

Remind me i'll have to send an sms and check my Friendster mail.

Be right back