Tuesday, January 25, 2005

First comment!

Oh oh... and a few days ago i wanted to give my appreciation to the one who praised my blog. Only one person has done that so u know who u are! Thanks! =)

And also must thank the person who gave me my 1st comment. I was really excited to read it... Too bad it's not a great comment. But then again, at least it wasnt a bad comment either.


sue lin said...

Oh man... i can't believe i forgot who that person is!!! =( If u remember who u are, please tell me ok, i wanna remember u forever... hahaha

Sue Lin said...

Errr... if we are not wrong... it was Supplementals who wrote 'testing' in one of the earlier posts.

Wah, seriously dear, ur blog is so messy, do u know how much of a hard time i am clearing it up now?