Thursday, January 06, 2005

I love choices. But i hate choosing.

Since i'm online, i feel like expressing more of my feelings.

I love choices. But i hate choosing.

Arrrrgh, i don't want to study, yet i want to study everything! Mass comm sounds cool. So does Designing, but i agreed that i wouldn't do that. And science is fun, mid 2004 i said i don't want to study it anymore but i felt a wave of sadness when i was in my last lab class. Seriously, i don't mind doing econs and accounting too.

Oh and i'm supposed to have a narrowed down my choices by friday, tomrrow. Was supposed to look through booklets on Monday night but ended clearing up my Ausmat notes and papers(to be sold, hopefully). Then on Tuesday night, i went online and got hooked. Was emotional on Wednesday and wasn't fit to look through the stuff...

So, here i am on Thursday, on a 'break', stating my reasons, as if i was protesting in court.

*Dramatic sigh*


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