Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Multiple Farewells

Hey, a friend i met in Ausmat called, the one who lives in the same taman as me. I thought she was calling to arrange transport to college this year or something but guess what she called just to chat. That's when she told me she's leaving for Australia soon! On the 13th or 14th of Febuary!

Quite a number of us are leaving for Australia in Febuary! Australian universities start in Febuary, i guess thats when their summer end. I'd start MY uni on the 21st Febuary as well. If i get accepted.

But i won't be going abraod so soon. That is both a good and bad thing. The friend i refered to above, she's going totally ALONE! Neither one of her parents would accompany her, not even for the first few days! Wow! If u read my past post, i had jitters just thinking of moving into the hostel

This Friday, there's a party, sort of a farewell for those leaving and also a birthday party for a friend... 7 of them leaving, not too close to half of them, but i'm going for the fun. And just to be nice i'd have to get them all small gifts. Thankfully i'm sharing with my bfs... err... i mean my boyfriend and my bestfriend. =P

Be back, i've gotta make a choice.

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supplementals said...

man.. so many msians goin to aust. u'd think the Aboriginals should be going mental.