Saturday, January 15, 2005

Piercings to be

*Sniff sniff... cough. Smiles*

As u can see, i'm still unwell. But as u can see, as well, i have to write, just have to write.

Okay, so gotta tell u, i plan to pierce my right ear one or two more times in March.

Ok, that's nothing great. But to some of u, this might be. I plan to pierce my belly on March as well. I hope the plan works out... Here's the plan:

My bestfriend, she's been planning to get hers done for some time now but has never gotten around to doing so.

So i decided to decide on a date and we go get it done together. So she'd finally stop procastinating... and i'll have a teman (companion). Not to mention she knows THE place to go.

Please don't tell my parents until after it's done. =P

1 comment:

Sue Lin said...

Hahahaha, u didnt do it!

Up till now, right ear only has one piercing and just last night i am still talking about one day piercing the belly!