Friday, January 14, 2005

Still Sick, Still Deciding

I'm feeling no better than yesterday, to tell u the truth i woke up at 11.45am, did what i have to do, which is fetch my standard one sister back from school, ate a donought and drank some soya bean and went right back to bed till late evening.

My nose is itching like hell! =( And i've gotta read up on the majors and subjects and whatever it is on the business and commerce degree in Monash. Can u hear the laziness in my voice??

And can u hear how whiny my voice is?? I just wanna wail and complain to my bloggie here. Why are sooo many people doing the same course as me?? I hate being one of millions... Isn't there anything unique i can do? Isn't there anything SAFE and unique i can do?

Guess not. I keep hearing of people who want to do psychology but are held back by the lack of job prospects

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