Sunday, January 16, 2005


Alone, i went to apply for Monash University.

University, damn it, i'm 18, in 2 months and 2 days i'd be 19. And there i was, alone, feeling so lost and lonely, wishing my daddy was with me. So unsure of what to do...

This is stupid, how am i going to study abroad? I've always been eager to study abroad, anxious to. And i've always thought that going somewhere, where u dont know a single soul, would be exciting, since u get another go at a new beginning

But look at me. I'm pathetic. I went to apply for the hostel as well. And then it hit me. It just HIT me, i got scared!

Why am i scared? It was MY idea to stay at the hostel for a few months, just for the experience. So i guess i'm experiencing cold feet??

BesidesI have some friends from my pre-u days who are studying there. Come on, it's just 20km away from home, and i have my car, i can always drive home anytime... only pride won't let me.

Speaking of pride... what am i thinking, pouring my heart out for all to read?

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