Friday, December 03, 2010

KL friends

SY invited me to join her friends for a night out, it was fun! We had round 2 and 3. And then i joined them for their Sunday morning hikes. Soon enough, i was joining her friends even when she was busy!

Taman TAR with YC and EC on 12/9/2010. Imagine how shocked i was when YC asked me to carry that little packet because i had a backpack with me. Looks like drugs!

He said its said it is salt. Without tasting the white powder, i was trusting him with my life (death penalty for anyone carrying drugs in Malaysia)!

The sign on the car says "No parking"! Hahah

Unless you are familiar with the area, you wouldnt guess what lies nearby

One Sunday, KP stopped and looked at me, asked the others if we were going there. I was like, what????? If u go through in between those two houses in the picture above, there is a little trail up, along a waterfall, to a huge resevoir and from there there is a deeper, advanced trial! Whoa!

Another favourite place of theirs is FRIM. I love it too =) Once we took the path less travelled and were rewarded with the beautiful waterfall

Freelance photographer MN always carries his DSLR with him. That day he was snapping away

Shot him shooting =)

Came across some people doing Taichi

Stole a picture of them =)

Fallen leaves. I joined them every single Sunday in September and on the first week of October... then i went backpacking in South East Asia. Joined them once more the first week of Nov before i flew to Melbourne

SY's really into jazz, so one night we planned a trip to No Black Tie in Changkat Bukit Bintang!

Loved it!! If only it wasnt so expensive. RM30 for entrance and the waitress is really persistent with trying to make u buy a drink

Only 4 of us that night, a portion of the big group.

In the bar called Gypsy... where we hung out before No Black Tie

Great people, definitely friends i'd like to keep for life =) YC, EC, KP, MN, SY, S & S. Dont have pictures with them regretfully, i keep missing their cook in dinners =(


Joey said...

The waterfall looks damn nice! Ashamed to say I've never been, though. Btw, do you know if that place is accessible by public transport? I've got 2 friends visiting Malaysia soon and I think they'd like to visit a waterfall :)

Sue Lin said...

Yeahhh it does look good, but no one swims there. I have no idea if its accessible by public transport, i did not note any LRT... so sorry!!!

Joey said...

Oh, no worries. Just asked incase you knew :)