Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cai Rang

Just for comparison, i'll blog about the south Vietnam floating market right after the Thai one

The river is a lot wider and a lot deeper with bigger boats

The floating markets were scarce and few, made to look even lesser by the wide river. When i complained to one of the tour agents, they said its because i went there late, at about 9am...

Lots of them sold the same thing: pineapples!

Since the boats are bigger, u cant see what they are selling in a glance

Each boat will have a stick with their fruit on it. Really gloomy day, love the picture above though, with the silhouettes of those people on the boats...

So few 'markets' i keep taking photos of the same people. I'd like to buy some fruits but its difficult to have a whole watermelon when u are travelling

Bought a pineapple. A bit more manageable, they'd cut off the skin, cut it into half and you hold the stem. Really good, sweet pineapple, not like sour ones in Malaysia

The tour guide said its 10,000dong which is RM1.90... but when i wanted to pay a 10,000dong note the lady didnt accept it. Instead she showed me a USD1 bill (RM3.15), dumbfounded but unsuspecting i paid what she asked.
I sat there on the boat and started to eat half of the pineapple while holding the other half. Other people from the tour wanted to buy some and also prepared a 10,000dong note.

The pineapple lady kept on insisting that it costs a dollar. Since it was happening in front of me and i couldnt finish mine i offered it to the guy from my tour. Upon noticing what i was doing, the desperate seller immediately the lady grabbed his 10,000dong and shoved the pineapple at him!!

I gave the other half of my pineapple to an Italian girl also on the same tour...


Lynn said...

hi babe.. ur tour guide should have helped negotiate! that lady so bad la!! hehe..lovely pics!

Sue Lin said...

Hie Lynn!!! Both glad and surprised to see u comment! Thanks for the compliment =)

The guide's not a really good, rarely smile and doesnt tell us much. Some Aussie oldies on the trip were complaining about her in front of her but she either didnt understand or didnt care!