Sunday, November 07, 2010

KL stopover

As i unpacked in the house i grew up in, i realised i didnt buy anything for my mom. I apologised and she said that she's just glad i'm back in one piece. Awww =)

In my room, there was a letter from ICAA. My exam results, i opened it in front of my father. He said its the best present i can ever give him. He went around telling all relatives i've passed and they congratulated me during dinner =)

On top of the world!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue Lin,

Congrats! You must be relieved! Now can go for holidays.....hmmm...more holidays... Haha!


supplementals said...

so touching... pat* and congrats!

Sue Lin said...

Thank you so much Beng and Supp =) Now its time for me to start looking for work

Joey said...

Congratulations!! *throws confetti*

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Joey! Catches confetti and throw them up again =P