Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pine Trees

Sometime in April 2010, we got confused with the different time zones between Australian states. Plus there was the change of day light savings. Ended up waking up at crazy 4am!

It was the last day on our road trip, so we started off the day before sunrise. Misty and dark, we felt like we were in a horror movie. Of course, no photos cuz all photos just turn out black

Shortly after, Bestfriend needed to go to the toilet. By then it was bright and there were toilet signs that led us to this pine tree orchard

Having grown up in Malaysia with only tropical rain forests, these pine trees were a beautiful sight to me. The effect of the mist makes it even more special

The toilets and some people camping nearby

Oh so pretty! =) Better than miles and miles of our rubber trees whenever driving the North-South Highway in Malaysia

I walked around to take some shots and Bestfriend snapped a few candid ones of me, which turned out really well =)

Just shouldnt have left the car keys dangling out of my back pocket like that...

The two of us =) Russian was sleeping in the backseat of the car


keunlu said...

cool post!

Sue Lin said...

Thanks!!! =)

Isya said...

this reminds me of on the way to fishing somewhere in melbourne. really pretty pictures.

Sue Lin said...

Hahha, probably there are many pine tree farms around Melbourne! Yeah the scenery was so so breathtaking